Leonard Leo Speaking at a February 2019 CNP Meeting

Ranked-Choice Voting is MAGA’s Latest Target

February 29 2024|By Brendan Fischer
Documented: Behind the Dark Money Attack on Voting Rights

Investigation Series

Behind the Dark Money Attack on Voting Rights

Behind The Dark Money Attack on Voting Rights

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The internal CNP directory lists the group's members in July 2012. Along with Johnson, the list included conservative activist Ginni Thomas, Eugene B. Meyer and Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society, and Alan Sears and other leaders from Alliance Defending Freedom.

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Illustration by Joe Magee for Documented

Investigation Series

The State Financial Officers Foundation: A New Front in the Dark Money Attack on Climate Policy

On the recording, Stand Together's Jorge Lima described the new 6-3 court as providing a huge “landscape opportunity, particularly on the administrative state. We’re doubling down on this strategy.”

“Every dog has its day, and it’s a big day for the administrative state," said Lima.