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Oil Execs on Trump’s “Opening the Country Council” Lost Millions for Shareholders, Spent Millions on Politics and Lobbying

On April 14, 2020, President Trump named almost 200 corporate executives and republican insiders to an advisory council on the coronavirus. The council is set to advise Trump on when and how to re-open the economy, and gives its members a formal role in advising economic policy. Trump described their role this way: “These bipartisan […]

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Kate MacGregor

Political Appointees at the Department of Interior have given special treatment to ex-clients of their boss, David Bernhardt, the oil lobbyist turned Secretary of the Interior.  SUMMARY Top Interior political appointee Katherine Macgregor, soon to be confirmed as Deputy Secretary, helped a former client of Secretary David Bernhardt secure oil and gas drilling permits from […]

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David Bernhardt’s Ex-Lobbying Clients Met 70 times with Interior Department Appointees

  A new analysis from Documented has found that from 2/15/17 to 10/1/18, there were at least 70 meetings between top DOI political appointees and entities listed on Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s ethics recusal letter. The analysis demonstrates that despite legally binding ethics pledges, Bernhardt’s one time lobbying clients have few fetters on their […]

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David Bernhardt Met With API in a Second Undisclosed Meeting

Official documents released by the Department of the Interior reveal that acting Secretary David Bernhardt met with the American Petroleum Institute (API) in Denver, Colorado, on July 26, 2018. Bernhardt was the Deputy Secretary of the Interior at the time. According to travel forms that track travel expenses paid by non-Federal entities, API bought Bernhardt […]

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David Bernhardt Photographs

David Bernhardt was picked to replace Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Department of the Interior in January of 2019. Prior to joining the Department, Bernhardt was a lobbyist for oil, gas, and mining interests. Ethics rules prohibit him from meeting with a long list of former clients. Here are a series of photos of David Bernhardt […]

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Department of the Interior Ignores Scientists to Appease Oil Industry on Endangered Beetle

Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Department of the Interior has used “unsound science and poor ethics” in an attempt to cut protections for an endangered species of beetle, according to top scientific experts involved in the matter. The species at issue is the American Burying Beetle, whose last remaining habitat includes choice onshore oil and gas fields. This has made […]