The names of dozens of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) members, including both Florida state legislators and lobbyists representing corporations and special interest groups, are listed in three different ALEC membership and registration lists obtained by Documented.

ALEC does not publicly disclose any lists of its membership other than its board members.

The three new lists include Florida public officials and lobbyists that registered for ALEC’s 2019 annual meeting, which took place from August 14 - 16, 2019 in Austin, TX. Documented previously published a full list of meeting registrations from the event. The new lists provide further information about the ALEC membership status of the conference attendees.

Documented obtained the lists through a Florida Sunshine Law request to the Florida House of Representatives.

A combined list of text-searchable names can be viewed below. Note that duplicative names appearing in multiple lists only appear once in this spreadsheet:

A copy of an email dated September 6, 2019 can be viewed below:

A copy of an email dated July 9, 2019 can be viewed below:

A copy of a spreadsheet sent to a Florida public official in an email on September 2, 2019 can be viewed below. Note: Documented deleted columns that included email addresses and cell phone numbers:

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons used under Creative Commons license.

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