Ron DeSantis September 2023 Event in Texas

  • Candidate/Committee name(s) Ron DeSantis
  • Host(s) Chris Akbari
    Margot and John Anthon
    Russ Allen
    Linda and David Barish
    Jessica and Jonathan Barrett
    Katherine and Bryan Bentley
    Rachel and Sean Boutros
    Al Carnrite
    Joselyn and Jeff Carnrite
    Jonathan Curth
    Laura and Charles Carter
    Cathy and Alex Cranberg
    Kristen and Scott Davis
    Marty and Andrew Debusk
    Jennifer and Brandon Dewan
    Margaret and Eric Doyal
    Dr. Peter Farrell
    Dr. Clive Fields
    Lila and Chad Flores
    Holly and Jack Gilbert
    Terry Giles and others
  • Office President
  • Dates September 20, 2023
  • Ticket Cost or Range $3300 - $13200
  • Location Houston, Texas
  • Published On December 1, 2023