The end of the year invariably sees a scramble as researchers and journalists try to be the first to get their hands on potentially interesting tax filings from various non-profit groups. In pre-covid days this would often mean riding the Amtrak into New York or D.C. to secure the document in person, directly from the group. These days much of that scramble happens through email.

The filings published on this page were all obtained by Documented directly. But please note that some of these filings were first independently published or reported on by somebody else before us. Where we know this is the case, we have credited it. If we missed something out, then know that it wasn’t intentional, we just missed it, and we are very happy to update and add a link to that reporting. It is our intention to create a useful curated collection of these filings. If you are a reporter and are using any of the filings in a story, we would appreciate you mentioning Documented. We will keep updating this as we receive more, so check back.

It's not just Donors Trust and the Koch Network

The donors

A handful of large donors including Donors Trust, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and various Koch network non-profits provide substantial funding to groups on the right. As an example, the State Policy Network received $14.6. million in funding in 2020, with $7.9 million of this coming from Donors Trust alone. As a result, they get the bulk of the attention from researchers and reporters. This is somewhat understandable, but there are other often overlooked foundations, and we are providing all of the flings for those foundations together here.

This isn't the full picture of course. Individuals, corporations and even political committees can make unlimited donations to non-profits. But with the exception of the political committees, who might have to report those donations as part of state or FEC disclosures, these other donors are generally able to keep their contributions secret. Sometimes we get a look into this type of giving, for example when a donor list is inadvertently filed or leaked, and we can see the secret corporate cash flow. That is a story for another day, but if you are a reporter or researcher and want to talk about some of this more, get in touch, we have lots of examples.

Non-profit groups